Welcome to Naima

Naima is a Python package for computation of non-thermal radiation from relativistic particle populations. It includes tools to perform MCMC fitting of radiative models to X-ray, GeV, and TeV spectra using emcee, an affine-invariant ensemble sampler for Markov Chain Monte Carlo. Naima is an Astropy affiliated package.

There are two main components of the package: a set of nonthermal Radiative Models, and a set of utility functions that make it easier to fit a given model to observed spectral data (see Model fitting).

Nonthermal radiative models are available for Synchrotron, inverse Compton, Bremsstrahlung, and neutral pion decay processes. All of the models allow the use of an arbitrary shape of the particle energy distribution, and several functional models are also available to be used as particle distribution functions. See Radiative Models for a detailed explanation of these.

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License & Attribution

Naima is released under a 3-clause BSD style license - see the LICENSE.rst for details.

If you find Naima useful in your research, you can cite Zabalza (2015) (arXiv, ADS) to acknowledge its use. The BibTeX entry for the paper is:

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Please report any issues with the package here.

All development of Naima is done through the github repository, and contributions to the code are welcome. The development model is similar to that of astropy, so you can check the astropy Developer Documentation if you need information on how to make a code contribution.